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Win £100 Spending Money PLUS ‘Travel Health’ For Your Next Holiday! (Now closed)

Okay Butterflyists. who’s going on holiday anytime soon? And if so, reckon you could do with an extra £100 in your pocket to spend, AND a great new health product that will save you from suffering with a tummy upset?

In that case, I have a super prize up for grabs for my readers. You can be in with a chance of winning a my Travel Cash card loaded with £100, and a supply Bimuno TRAVELAID, a ‘prebiotic’ that helps build up internal resistance to the yucky bugs that cause travel diarrhoea.

Both my Travel Cash and Bimuno have teamed up with me to offer this prize, and Bimuno have also thrown in some great sun products for your skin protection, as well as a handy little rucksack! The goody bag you’ll receive is altogether bountiful.

About my Travel Cash

my Travel Cash is a prepaid currency card that offers an inexpensive and convenient way of obtaining foreign currency. The cards are a cheap alternative to using most credit or debit cards abroad.

They benefit from Chip & PIN protection, have no link to your bank account and can be used at over 32 million merchants and in any of the 1.5 million ATMs worldwide that display the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

my Travel Cash have recently introduced two new benefits to its cards: removing ATM* withdrawal fees and 1% unlimited cash back earned on all purchases. my Travel Cash currency.

In order to obtain the my Travel Cash part of the prize, the winner will need to complete an application form and have their ID verified by my Travel Cash, before the currency card can be sent.

About Bimuno TRAVELAID

Bimuno TRAVELAID is a new, preventative, health product designed to help support your tummy when abroad, by increasing the amount of ‘healthy’ bacteria in your gut before you travel.

Rather than attempting to cure a bout of the dreaded travellers’ diarrhoea once it’s struck, Bimuno TRAVELAID helps stop it from happening in the first place. You take the supplement – chewy pastilles – in the week running up to your holiday, and continue taking while away.

Bimuno TRAVELAID helps to stop bad bacteria from taking a hold, for example if you’ve eaten something not cooked properly. The product is the result of many years of intensive research by a team of international digestive health experts and the University of Reading.

The product is not tested on animals.

About the PRIZE:

The lucky winner will receive a my Travel Cash card to the value of £100 in their choice of currency, between Euros, Dollars or Multi-currency, and a generous supply of Bimuno TRAVELAID prebiotic (worth £19.98) – enough to support your tummy health for a two-week holiday!

The winner will also receive a fabby Bimuno goody bag of a nifty little rucksack and a sun skincare pack (two bottles of sunscreen SPF 15 and SPF 20, and aftersun).

So quite simply, whoever is fortunate enough to secure this prize won’t end up confined to the hotel bathroom for three days with the a case of the squits, knowing they have £100 spending money to splash around on their jollies!

Please note: In order to obtain the card part of the prize, my Travel Card will send the winner an application form to complete first.  * Some ATM providers may apply surcharges

How to enter:

It’s very simple! To enter, you need to follow @thebutterflyist on Twitter and copy the phrase below to tweet it to your own followers:

I’ve entered http://butterflyist.com/win/ to win £100 holiday cash & health! Thanks @myTravelCash @BimunoUK via @thebutterflyist #ButterflyistWin

Then come back to this post and let me know you’ve tweeted by leaving a comment below. Not a lot of work is it?

But it’s important to come back and comment, then I will have your email in case you’re the winner.

The competition closes at 5pm GMT on Thursday 16th February 2012.

The winner will be picked at random after this time and then contacted the next day by email.

So – here’s wishing you luck! Get tweeting and commenting to win!

Terms & Conditions (that is, the small print)

  1. The final date of entry is 5pm GMT on Thursday 16th February 2012. No entries can be considered after this.
  2. You must follow the steps as described to enter. If not fully carried out, your entry is invalid.
  3. Only one entry per person is allowed.
  4. The judge’s decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into. The prize cannot be exchanged or transferred and no cash alternative will be offered.
  5. There are terms and conditions specific to my Travel Cash, which can be accessed here and must be read:
    my Travel Cash T&Cs
  6. The prize sponsors may contact and follow you via Twitter and you agree to this by entering into this competition.
  7. The prizes will be sent separately by the different sponsors. No responsibility can be taken by Butterflyist on when the prizes reach you. Once the competition closes the prize responsibility is entirely in their hands.
  8. The winner must be resident in the UK.
  9. You may not be an immediate family member or partner of me, Andrea Wren (sorry folks, you know who you are, but it just wouldn’t be right, would it?!).

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  1. What a great prize! I didn’t have any holidays due to illness last year,am hoping for a good one this year, this would really help!

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    Done. Great offer; fingers crossed!

  3. Done! Fun stuff, Andrea. Hope I win! Thanks for making it possible.

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  8. Never won anything, so fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed :)

  9. I love reading your content. I will enjoy the prize as well. Thank you.

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    Twit-twoo :-) . So, what type of butterfly would you be?

  12. Really enjoying reading your posts Andrea. Very inspiring and I’m already looking forward to the next post.
    Mark :)
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  25. All done! Great prize,im travelling a lot:) x

  26. Lovely prize! Would love to win this: we have been invited to stay with a couple we met last year from the States and although we really cant afford it, I would LOVE to go and winning this would smmoth the way! thank you for the giveaway!

  27. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Brilliant prize, so useful :-)

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    This is a fantastic prize, I have heard fantastic things about Bimuno so it would be great to try them for myself! Fingers crossed. (Loving your site by the way) x

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    We hoping to have a nice holiday at some point this year so £100 could really help x

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